A stable and open country

Friday, August 27, 2021
A stable and open country

Senegal, the country of teranga (hospitality in the Wolof language), is ready to host the 9th World Water Forum from 21 to 26 March 2022 in Dakar. Senegal's location at the western end of the African continent, in its most advanced part of the Atlantic Ocean, gives it a position as a hub linking Africa to the rest of the world. It is considered the easiest and quickest gateway to West Africa and provides access to a common market of over 300 million consumers.

Senegal (area: 196,722 km2, population: 17 million) also serves as an important gateway to major export markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Economic indicators have been steadily improving for several years.

Democracy, multi-party system, solid institutions, recognition of political and social rights, freedom of expression: Senegal is a model in Africa, a stable country cited as an example throughout the world. Senegal has a long tradition of peace and democracy. This peaceful climate has helped create an environment conducive to investment and the organisation of major international meetings.

As the crossroads of West Africa, Senegal is a country with multiple influences, reconciling modernity and respect for traditions. The country is a signatory to international conventions on the protection of the environment, human rights, trade, copyright, labour law, etc. It is distinguished by its leadership in the field of education and training. It stands out for its leadership in taking major decisions in favour of peace and security.