Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems: Sustainable Management of Proliferating Plants Case of Water Hyacinth in Benin

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Halting the loss of aquatic biodiversity and invasive species in aquatic ecosystems.


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In Benin, in the base valley of the Ouémé, the second richest after that of the Nile, but unfortunately not valued until now, the presence of hyacinth on the surface of rivers and lakes causes a very strong seasonal eutrophication of the river and an anoxia fatal to the fishery resources on which more than a hundred species and a large part of the economy of the region depend. If hyacinth absorbs excess nitrates from water, it is opposed to the natural disinfection of water by UV in a lake already very impacted by waste. Hyacinth is one of the most widespread invasive macrophytes in the world, especially in tropical countries. Therefore, it could have a negative influence on plant health, human health, tourism and water quality.

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