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Targeted Action Groups
  • Implementing the right to water and sanitation and ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation in crisis situations
  • Strengthen cooperation in the area of hydropower and multi-purpose infrastructure, Strengthen North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation in the areas of science, technology, innovation, data and information sharing and capacity-building, 
  • Strengthening multi-stakeholder partnerships, 
  • Mobilizing additional financial resources and promoting innovative financing mechanisms, 
  • Implement the principles of good water governance, including participatory decision-making, Promote a water-sensitive approach to legislation and regulation, 
  • Building effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels and promoting integrity, Increasing the rational use and sustainable management of water through science, technology, innovation and education  

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Intervention zone

The objective of the project is to set up a factory control centre at the "Point B pumping station" and a network control and scheduling centre at the Hann head office. it is a question of setting up advanced technological tools that make it possible to monitor and control the operation of factories, boreholes, booster stations throughout the leased perimeter and to set up an expert system of monitoring and control by sensors, water flows in distribution networks and to centralize the processing of customer requests and complaints by a digital system of ordering interventions

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Ibrahima Sarr

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Email : 00221 77 529 36 27

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