The kick-off Meeting

The kick-off Meeting

In preparation for the 9th edition of the world's largest water event, to be held in Senegal in 2021, the 9th World Water Forum Kick-off Meeting was organized in Diamniadio (Senegal) on 20 and 21 June 2019.

The Kick-off Meeting has been an opportunity for interested stakeholders to contribute with ideas and experiences at the earliest stages of preparation of the 9th World Water Forum. 

Besides building upon previous Fora and, in particular, the 8th World Water Forum (Brasilia, 2018), the 9th World Water Forum will go further. Through an innovative framework, it will seek to identify, promote and implement concrete responses and actions for water and sanitation in an integrated way.

The Kick-off meeting had aim to:

  1. Make known and clarify the central concept of the 9th World Water Forum : "WaterSecurity for Peace and Development ";
  2. Present the new Framework and organizationa l perspectives;
  3. Collect ideas and integrate participant suggestions on concrete expected outcomes and road maps;
  4. Generate interest for the 9th World Water Forum and its preparatory processes to encourage contributions from a wide range stakeholder;
  5. Underline the Forum's strong political and citizen orientations.

Documents Kick-off meeting

Title Document
Rapport final du kick-off meeting Download [PDF - 3,9 Mo]
Report Kick-Off meeting Download [PDF - 4,1 Mo]
Eau et Developpement Rural Download [PPTX - 1 Mo]
Water Security Download [PPTX - 672 Ko]
Means and Tools Download [PPTX - 612 Ko]
Coopération (FR) Download [PPTX - 605 Ko]
Cooperation (EN) Download [PPTX - 605 Ko]
Title Document
Pr Kane session Sécurité de l'eau Download [PPTX - 903 Ko]
FAO Water and rural development WWF Dakar 2021 Download [PPTX - 5,1 Mo]
Rural Development Gabarit Download [PPTX - 797 Ko]
KoM means and tools Gabarit Download [PPTX - 9,5 Mo]
Initiative FME 2021 Download [PPTX - 870 Ko]
Cooperation presentation Gabarit Download [PPTX - 640 Ko]
Title Category Document
Cooperation Framing Note EN Final Cooperation Download [Docx - 6,3 Mo]
Concept Note Sub theme FINANCE-Kick off Meeting-FINAL - June 2019 Means and tools Download [Docx - 133 Ko]
ConceptNote Sub theme FINANCE-Kick off Meeting-FINAL - June 2019 Means and tools Download [PDF - 297 Ko]
Governance Draft V1 Means and tools Download [PDF - 1,1 Mo]
Keynote UNESCO Knowledge Mngt Innovation 7jun 2019 Means and tools Download [PDF - 123 Ko]
Water as a catalyst for rural economic development DRAFT CN June 13 Rural Development Download [Docx - 209 Ko]
9ème FME note de cadrage cooperation FR Cooperation Download [Docx - 6,3 Mo]
S DIOP WWF 9 - Water Security CN FINAL 19-06-19 Water security Download [Docx - 3,3 Mo]
KoM Dakar 20 et 21 juin. Note sur la sécurité de l'eau. Version finale Français Water security Download [Docx - 22 Ko]
KoM 20 et 21 juin 2019 note Water security Anglais Water security Download [Docx - 22 Ko]
Note de cadrage de la participation des jeunes au FME9 Miscellaneous Download [PDF - 120 Ko]