International Exhibition

A major international exhibition will showcase know-how, technologies and major innovations in water, sanitation and the environment.

It will be an opportunity to bring together users, researchers, scientists and suppliers of products and services. Faced with new challenges, the world of water must resolutely rely on technological innovations to better meet the expectations of populations. 

The classic Exhibition (Expo/Fair), the Path of responses, the African Village and the Sanitation Village are the main Exhibitions of the Forum. To this must be added the "Espace Sénégal", which will be the largest exhibition space.

  • Classic Exhibition (Expo/Fair) 

The Expo/Fair will be a showcase for the issues and challenges related to water and sanitation. It will also showcase know-how, technologies and major innovations in water, sanitation and the environment. 

It will also be an important opportunity to bring together the different actors in the chain (researchers, scientists, manufacturers, product and service providers, users, etc.) and to make visible the solutions and responses to water and sanitation issues. It is also an opportunity for sponsors and partners to make themselves visible.

  • The Path of responses 

The "Path of responses" will be a space dedicated to the exhibition of the most adapted responses to the problems of water and sanitation, throughout the world, at the technological, technical, institutional and financial levels, as well as at the level of legal, political and economic governance, etc. 

In the "Path of responses", projects labelled "Dakar 2022 Initiative" will be exhibited, as well as other projects relevant to the Forum's priorities, having a strong impact on populations and allowing the acceleration of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • African Village 

One of the innovations of the Forum, the "African Village", will be an exhibition space, a framework for awareness raising, information and exchanges on the concerns, issues and challenges related to water issues in Africa, and the specific responses to the problems of access to water over time. 

It will also be a space for sharing experiences on good practices and innovations, but also a space for discussions to promote water security in Africa in order to meet the different objectives of the agendas. 

The design of the village will be inspired by the cultural and territorial particularities that emerged from the different proposals expected from the different geographical areas of the continent (North Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa), in addition to the physical spaces dedicated to certain social groups. 

  • Sanitation Village 

The Forum intends to highlight, over time, the issues and challenges of sanitation as well as the institutional, technological, technical, scientific and cultural responses to sanitation through a dedicated exhibition, called "Sanitation Village". 

This major innovation, which will integrate a cultural dimension, will be a space for the expression of the "Forum of responses", for dialogue, awareness raising, learning and promotion of current innovations and technologies in the field of sanitation and hygiene. The Village will also take into account the different risks (health, environmental) that need to be managed but also the valorisation of waste as a resource. 

  • Espace Sénégal

The Senegalese exhibition space or "Espace Sénégal" will be a showcase for the achievements, know-how, responses, innovations, technologies, projects and perspectives of the Government, and the professions of the water, sanitation and hygiene actors, but also a place for the promotion of the country in its multiple facets.

The exhibitors' platform dedicated to administrative, technical and financial management, which will be developed by the PCO, will allow exhibitors and partners to make their requests for material and equipment, and to set up their exhibition space autonomously, through the stand builders who will be approved by the SE9FME, in case of reservation of a bare space.

Two options will be offered to exhibitors.

  • Bare stand 

Exhibitors rent bare space and set up and equip their pavilions or stands through private stand builders/suppliers approved by SE9FME and PCO. 

The cost per bare m2, excluding tax, is respectively 350 and 450 euros depending on the booking period (early-bird or standard).

  • Fitted stand

The fitted stand or turnkey stand, with a minimum area of 9 m², includes: modular partitions (sympa system), a sign with the exhibitor's name, carpeting on the rented space, 1 counter or 1 table, 2 chairs, lighting and electrical distribution.

The cost per m², excluding tax, is respectively 450 and 550 euros depending on the reservation period (early-bird or standard).

The one-off registration fee is the same at 450 euros.

  • Insurance

All participants opening a stand or pavilion must take out individual insurance to cover third-party liability and the risk of damage to exhibited goods or property (theft, fire, accidents).

Information on approved stand builders and the insurance company will be available in the Exhibitor's Guide, which is currently being prepared.

The table below shows the costs of participating in the exhibition (m² rental and registration fees) according to the reservation period (early-bird or standard) and the type of space rented (bare or equipped):


Bare stand

Fitted stand

Booking confirmation before 30 November 2021

Booking confirmation from 30 November 2021 to 28 February 2022

Booking confirmation before 30 November 2021

Booking confirmation from 30 November 2021 to 28 February 2022

Cost of m²

350 €/m²

230 000 FCFA/m²

450 €/m²

295 000 FCFA/m²

450 €/m²

295 000 FCFA/m²

550 €/m²

360 000 FCFA/m²

One-off registration fee (application fee)

450 €

295 000 FCFA

450 €

295 000 FCFA

450 €

295 000 FCFA

450 €

295 000 FCFA